Who Takes Stuffed Animals


What can I do with stuffed animals?

We've got some excellent ideas for you, ranging from donating them, to repurposing them into handy items for around the home .

  • Donate To Op Shops Or Not-for-profit Organisations.
  • Donate To Emergency Services Or Hospitals.
  • Donate To A Pet Shelter.
  • Arrange A Swap With Family Or Friends.
  • Hold A Garage Sale.
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    Can used stuffed animals be donated?

    Used stuffed animals can be donated to SAFE, as well as through some organizations found on Donation Town. Keep in mind that used stuffed animals must not be missing any parts or pieces, may not have any stains or smells, and must be cleaned prior to donating. via

    Does anyone take stuffed animals?

    Many charitable organizations will gladly collect your stuffed animal and children's toy donations. You can support charities like the Humane Society, Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Good Samaritan Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, or Hope Services. Many of these charities will pick up donations from your doorstep. via

    Where is the best place to donate stuffed animals?

  • Charities. Salvation Army and Goodwill are two of the most recognizable charities that take toy donations.
  • Hospitals.
  • Doctors' Offices.
  • Daycare Centers.
  • Shelters.
  • Children's Homes.
  • Military Families.
  • Religious Centers.
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    What do you do with stuffed animals you don't want?

    If you want to get rid of old stuffed animals but they're still in pretty good shape, you can donate them to a pet shelter. The animals will love them and most of these facilities are more than happy to take them off your hands. via

    Do teddy bears have feelings?

    Teddy Bears are inanimate objects. I cannot believe how many people seem to think that teddy bears do not have feelings. Teddy bears listen to your problems and do not judge; they are always there to offer a hug; they do not get huffy when ignored for long periods of time. via

    What items does goodwill not accept?

    What Not to Donate to Goodwill

  • Items in Need of Repair.
  • Recalled or Unsafe Items.
  • Mattresses & Box Springs.
  • Fireworks, Weapons or Ammunition.
  • Paint & Household Chemicals.
  • Building Materials.
  • Extremely Large or Bulky Items.
  • Medical Supplies.
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    How do you disinfect stuffed animals?

    Start by wiping the toys down with a wet sponge. Mix ½ cup of Clorox Regular Bleach with CLOROMAX with 1 gallon of water. Soak the toys in the solution for five minutes or scrub them. Rinse them with warm water and let them dry thoroughly before giving them back to your kids. via

    Where can I donate my Beanie Babies?

    Charities such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill likely will sell the Beanie Babies and use the money for other charitable causes. via

    Do charity shops accept cuddly toys?

    The following items are generally not accepted by charity shops: Identifiable school uniforms. Inflatable toys for water. Soft toys without the CE label. via

    Where should I donate my clothes to?

    Here's Where to Donate Clothes to Give Them a Second Life

  • American Red Cross.
  • Dress for Success.
  • Free the Girls.
  • Goodwill.
  • One Warm Coat.
  • Planet Aid.
  • The Salvation Army.
  • Soles4Souls.
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    What do you do with a teddy bear?

  • Dress up the bear.
  • Take the bear on a picnic.
  • Play doctor! A teddy bear makes a great patient.
  • Play school.
  • Go for a ride in the yard or driveway.
  • Draw a picture of the teddy bear.
  • Read a favorite bedtime story to the bear.
  • Host a tea party with the teddy bear as the guest of honor.
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    Does Purple Heart take stuffed animals?

    Acceptable Items

    Cookware and bakeware, dishes, utensils, flatware, silverware, pots and pans, Tupperware, glasses and cups, serving plates and trays, and canning jars. Fisher-Price and Little Tikes items, bicycles, tricycles, board and other games, stuffed animals, software for PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. via

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