What Happened To Debra Winger


Why did Debra Winger leave Hollywood?

Debra Winger Quit A League of Their Own Because She Didn't Want to Work With Madonna. “I think [her] acting career has spoken for itself,” Winger said of Madonna in a new interview with The Telegraph. via

Did Debra Winger fart on Shirley MacLaine?

MacLaine was supposedly fed up with Winger's antics, including one rumored incident where Winger lifted her dress to fart in MacLaine's direction. Both actresses were nominated for Best Actress at the 1984 Academy Awards, and MacLaine shouted, “I deserve this!” when she beat out her costar for the statuette. via

How old is Debra Winger now?

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Is Debra Winger hard to work with?

Reitman adds, ''She's historically been a difficult actress to work with. Talk to her other directors. Debra works out of a nervous tension, and she thrives on that tension. via

How old is Scott Glenn?

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Who is Debra Winger's mother?

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How tall is Debra Winger?

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How old is Madolyn Smith?

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Where can I watch Searching for Debra Winger?

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    Did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get along?

    Julia Roberts (left) and Richard Gere (right) have remained lifelong friends. Julia, 52, and Richard, 71, have always shared “amazing chemistry”. Getty. As a result, Julia's hubby, Danny Moder, 51, “has always kept an eye on their friendship”, says our insider. via

    Did Debra Winger and Robert Redford get along?

    However, she did get along well with Robert Redford, at whose side she appeared in the film. She says she respects him and what he has done with his money and his success. She also likes the fact that there is something tortured about him, because, she admits, she is also like that. via

    What nationality is Debra Winger?

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    Did Scott Glenn really ride bulls?

    LOS ANGELES Scott Glenn's heroes have always been cowboys. At least, ever since he starred as the shady Wes in "Urban Cowboy." "The first time I got on a bull was at the Huntsville (Texas) Prison Rodeo during the filming of "Urban Cowboy. "Naively, I didn't know this bull had killed nine men," Glenn says. via

    Is Scott Glenn in blacklist?

    Glen may have only been in 13 episodes of The Blacklist, but he's a standout character who fans love. via

    Is Scott Glenn trained in martial arts?

    He trains with members of SEAL Team Six and says, “I know what badass really is.” And while we respect that, the man is 75 years old and trains with SEAL Team Six, so his ass is plenty bad. He open-water spear fishes, which requires him to punch sharks. He rides motorcycles. He does martial arts with knives. via

    How old is Debra Winger in Officer and a Gentleman?

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    How long has Debra Winger been married?

    Debra Winger Has Been Married To Actor Arliss Howard For 25 Years. via

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