What Does T1 Mean


What does T1 mean in medical terms?

T1-T12 (thoracic vertebrae): The symbols T1 through T12 represent the 12 thoracic vertebrae. The thoracic vertebrae are situated between the cervical (neck) vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae. via

What's the meaning of T2?

T2 reflects the length of time it takes for the MR signal to decay in the transverse plane. A short T2 means that the signal decays very rapidly. So substances with short T2's have smaller signals and appear darker than substances with longer T2 values. via

What is T1 and T2?

T1 and T2 are technical terms applied to different MRI methods used to generate magnetic resonance images. Specifically, T1 and T2 refers to the time taken between magnetic pulses and the image is taken. These different methods are used to detect different structures or chemicals in the central nervous system. via

What does orthos mean?

From the Greek "orthos" that means just that: straight or erect. Examples of terms involving ortho- include orthodontics (straightening the teeth), orthopaedics (straightening the child), orthopnea (breathing easily only in an upright position), orthostatic (an upright posture), etc. via

Can you sell shares on T1?

On T+1 day, you can sell the stock that you purchased the previous day. If you do so, you are basically making a quick trade called “Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow” (BTST) or “Acquire Today, Sell Tomorrow” (ATST). Remember the stock is not in your DEMAT account yet. via

Can I sell stocks in T1?

Yes, you can sell your T1 Holding in Upstox. via

What is T1 rolling settlement?

The market regulator SEBI has introduced a T+1 rolling settlement on an optional basis for stock exchanges. The move came in after the regulator received requests from various stakeholders to further shorten the settlement cycle. The T+1 settlement cycle is to provide flexibility to exchanges. via

What is T2 medical condition?

An MRI term for the time constant at which phase coherence among spins oriented at an angle to the static magnetic field is lost due to interactions between the spins, resulting in a loss of transverse magnetisation and MRI signal. via

What does T2 mean in business?

This settlement cycle is known as "T+2," shorthand for "trade date plus two days." T+2 means that when you buy a security, your payment must be received by your brokerage firm no later than two business days after the trade is executed. via

What does T2 mean on a watch?

Page 2. TIME 2. Watch can display time in a second time zone. Press MODE repeatedly until T2 appears. via

What does T1 hypointense mean?

The T1-hypointense lesion component represents that portion of a lesion with the most severe tissue disruption/destruction. via

What does increased T1 signal mean?

T1 weighted image – Pathology (spine)

Loss of the normal high signal in the bone marrow indicates loss of normal fatty tissue and increased water content. Abnormal low signal on T1 images frequently indicates a pathological process such as trauma, infection, or cancer. via

What is the difference between T1 and T2 tax return?

When you are the owner of a business, you must file a T2 corporate tax return for your incorporated business, as well as a T1 personal tax return. Your incorporated business-related income and expenses are claimed on T2; do not claim them on your T1 personal tax return. via

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