What Does Ecoatm Do With Phones


Does ecoATM wipe phones?

(The company and its recycling and resale partners wipe data from devices, too, but only after a 30-day holding period. That way, if a device does come up lost or stolen, it can be returned largely intact, Kuder says.) via

Where do ecoATM phones go?

The phones that cannot be sold through Gazelle's customer channels or repaired are sold in bulk to wholesalers who often use them for parts. Wholesale dealers purchase 25% of the phones that Gazelle and ecoATM process. via

What does ecoATM do with the phones they buy?

What happens to my device once I've ended my transaction and it's in the ecoATM? The majority of the devices we receive are reused, while the remaining devices are responsibly recycled. via

Does ecoATM take phones that aren't paid off?

And while ecoATM does take devices that aren't fully charged, charging your item before it is assessed will both quicken the process and ensure you get the most money possible. via

Can ecoATM tell if a phone is stolen?

Before ecoATMĀ® kiosks purchase any valuable device, the kiosk will check the device's uniquely identifying serial numbers through the service CheckMEND.com to determine if the device has been reported stolen. If the device is does not pass CheckMEND's background check, the ecoATM kiosk will reject the transaction. via

Does ecoATM give cash?

Bring your used phone and a valid state ID to your local ecoATM kiosk. After examining your phone, we'll create an instant cash offer based on model, condition and current market value. If you agree to sell, we'll give you cash on the spot! via

How does ecoATM make money?

The primary way EcoATM makes money off the old devices it buys is by reselling them. However, the company also buys some of the phones to recycle their electronic parts. The company, which launched its first kiosk in 2009, now has 1,510 locations in 41 states. via

Does ecoATM take broken laptops?

Go Green With ecoATM

At ecoATM, we're passionate about keeping unwanted electronics away from the environment. That's why we accept phones, tablets and MP3 players of any type, model, age and condition. ecoATM accepts all tablets, MP3 players and cell phones, even if they're cracked, scratched or unable to power on. via

How much does the kiosk pay for phones?

For consumers, ecoATM makes instant cash offers for cell phones, tablets and MP3 players. Cash offers can vary anywhere between $1 and $500 depending on model and condition; for older models that have no value, consumers can elect to have ecoATM recycle them for free. via

Who buys old flip phones?

The 9 Best Places to Sell Your Old Phone

  • SellCell.
  • Buyback Boss.
  • OCBuyBack.
  • Decluttr.
  • Swappa.
  • BuyBackWorld.
  • NextWorth.
  • EcoATM.
  • via

    What happens if you sell a phone that's not paid off?

    Can You Sell a Phone That Isn't Paid Off? When you sign up for a service term or monthly installment plan, your carrier extends you a line of unsecured credit. As a result, the carrier cannot repossess your phone, and you can sell your phone, even if you still owe money on it. via

    Can you sell a lost iPhone to EcoATM?

    EcoATM kiosks also check the serial numbers of the devices they receive against a database of device histories called CheckMend. If the service identifies the device as stolen or lost, EcoATM says the kiosk rejects the sale. via

    Does Walmart take phones for cash?

    Old cell phones can earn you cash at ECO ATM's located inside Walmart stores. No matter the make, model or condition you can now drop off old cell phones, ipads and cell phones. The kiosk mascot is friendly, knowledgeable and he helps with giving you cash for old electronics. via

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