What Are The Dimensions Of A Quarter Sheet Cake


What are the dimensions of a 1/4 sheet cake?

A quarter sheet is 9″x13″, a half sheet is 13″x18″ and a full sheet is 18″x26″. Sheet cakes are usually 2 inches in height. via

How much does a 1/4 sheet cake feed?

A 1/4 Sheet Cake Pan is 9 by 12 inches, which will usually serve 12 to 20 people. via

What are the measurements of a quarter sheet cake?

Rectangular pans, better know as sheet cake pans come in many sizes and depths. For matching a sheet cake to a box, a quarter sheet is 9 x 13, half sheet is 12 x 18 and there are sizes in between. via

What is a 1/4 sheet cake pan?

Commercial quarter sheet cakes measure 13 inches by 9 inches by 1 inch, or 12 inches by 8 inches by 2 or 3 inches. via

What does a 1/2 sheet cake look like?

When you get a half sheet cake from a bakery, it is generally either 15 inches by 11 inches, 15 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches or even as big as 16 inches by 12 inches. Since home ovens are smaller than bakery or grocery store ovens, a home half sheet cake will likely measure 13 inches by 9 inches. via

How many sheet cakes do I need for 120 guests?

In a full-sized sheet pan, that translates to a pattern of 12 slices by 10, or up to 120 guests. Half-sheet and quarter-sheet pans, cut to that size, result in 60 or 30 slices. If you prefer a larger but thinner slice, a 3-inch by 1-inch portion is also perfectly appropriate. via

How do you cut a quarter sheet cake? (video)

How much cake do I need for 40 guests?

1 1⁄2 inches is just shy of the width of a table spoon. 12 inch cakes can be very generously served to 40 people with each slice measuring about 1 inch across the back. A standard fork is about one inch wide. Keep in mind that the thinner slice of a 12 inch cake is 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches tall. via

How big is a half slab cake?

Generally, bakeries sell them by the 1/2 slab (16 x 12 inches / 20 x 30 cm.) via

What size is a birthday cake?

The dimensions are generally 9-by-13 inches and may come in single or multiple layers. Quarter sheet cakes are typically rectangular making them a great choice on which to add graphics or messages. The half sheet cake is approximately 11-by-15 inches in size and typically one layer that serves 30 to 40 people. via

How much does a full sheet cake cost?

On average, a sheet cake can cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $125. The cost will depend on the size of the sheet cake, the ingredients that were used, the decorations, type of frosting and where it's purchased. via

How many does a 9x13 sheet cake serve?

The most common size for homemade cake recipes is a large rectangle. It's baked in a standard 9-by-13-inch cake pan. This is a perfect size for parties, and you can expect to get between 12 and 20 slices from a single cake. via

How many boxes of cake do I need for a half sheet cake?

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet cake? so at 4 to 5.5 cups per box mix. that would be 3 to 4 boxes of cake mix. via

How big is a half sheet cake from Costco?

Costco's half-sheet cakes can satisfy up to 48 sweet tooths

Compared to one of the 10-inch round cakes, which only feeds up to a dozen for more than half the price, there is no comparison — the half-sheet's 12 x 16 inches of fluffy frosted goodness comes out on top (or on plate) every time. via

How many cakes do I need for 100 guests?

A common calculation for wedding cake allows for one slice of bride's cake per guest and a half slice of groom's cake. So if you have 100 guests, you'd need 100 servings of bride's cake and 50 servings of groom's cake. via

What size sheet cake will feed 25?

To feed 25 guests, you need a cake that is at least 12 inches. This means that a quarter sheet pan can easily feed a party of around 25 guests with decent portion sizes. via

How many people does a quarter sheet cake feed?

A half-sized sheet pan will make 58 servings and a quarter-sized pan will make 30 servings. via

How large is a full sheet cake?

A full-sheet pan measures 26-by-18 inches and typically has sides that are about one inch high. via

How do I price my cakes?

  • Value your time.
  • Closely track the cost of your ingredients.
  • Build additional costs (for cake boxes, special equipment, etc.) into your price.
  • Understand the clientele you're after, and work hard to grow that base.
  • Network with other local bakers.
  • Charge for delivery.
  • via

    How much is a half sheet cake at Costco?

    1. They're insanely cheap … It'll set you back less than 20 bucks — $18.99, to be exact — to order a half sheet cake from Costco. Chances are, you couldn't beat that price even if you made one yourself. via

    How do you cut a cake like a pro?

    Use a serrated knife

    It seems like a straight blade would be cleaner, but actually a serrated blade cuts through cake more easily. A thin blade, like a tomato knife, is best, but a serrated bread knife also works. Use a gentle sawing motion to cut. (Here's how to keep your knives sharp.) via

    How do you cut a cake to serve more? (video)

    How do you cut the perfect cake squares? (video)

    What are round cake sizes?

    A round cake pan is the pan that you'd use to make a classic layer cake or round birthday cake. The most common sizes 8 or 9 inches, but they come in a huge variety of sizes, which can be used to make cakes of varying tiers or size. Above is a list of the number of servings for some of the most common cake pan sizes. via

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