How To Build A Hearth Pad


Can I build my own hearth pad?

The hearth pad can be as simple as a metal shield or even a concrete slab, but the stove must sit on a non-combustible surface. A hearth pad, if made well, can add beauty to your home. Once the hearth pad is built, you can decorate it with tile or brick. via

How thick does a hearth pad need to be?

Thickness. According to, building codes require a fireplace hearth to be at least 4 inches thick. A hearth extension must be at least 2 inches thick. via

What can be used as a hearth pad?

You could use a variety of materials: tile, stone, granite, marble, or brick. The type of material you use will be based on the type of fire you have. Electric and gas stoves don't burn as hot as wood burning stoves. via

What is the best material to use for a hearth?

Granite Hearths

Granite is the best fireplace hearth material for solid fuel burning fires. However, to withstand the heat, you need to get one that has been 'slabbed'. This means that it has been cut into pieces and mounted in concrete to give it space to expand as it heats up. via

Can you put a hearth pad on carpet?

Can I install my hearth pad directly over carpet? With our new Type 1 – steel Ember Defender and our Type 2 – traditional Ember and Thermal Protectors, the answer is YES. On carpet, if your stove weighs more than 450 lbs, its weight pushes the hearth pad down directly under its footprint. via

How do you make a fireplace hearth cover? (video)

How tall should a hearth be?

The most common hearth heights are from 12” to 18”. If you're tall (over six-feet), choose a higher hearth size. The same thing goes for sitting on the hearth, if you're shorter, choose a lower hearth height. via

Can you use ceramic tiles for a hearth?

Ceramic. Ceramic has been used on fireplace surrounds and hearths for hundreds of years. Ceramic withstands heat well and is durable enough to withstand the demands of the fireplace. You may want to select a thicker tile for the fireplace for extra durability. via

What is a hearth extension?

The hearth extension is the noncombustible material in front of and at the sides of a fireplace opening. Hearths and hearth extensions are designed to prevent sparks from leaving the fireplace and igniting nearby combustibles. via

How do you make a hearth pad for a pellet stove?

  • Measure the depth of your pellet stove.
  • Cut a piece of 3/4-inch plywood to equal your depth measurement.
  • Measure the exact length and width of the 3/4-inch plywood board.
  • Add an additional furring strip down the middle back of the plywood.
  • via

    What should I put under my wood stove?

    Stone or brick is a common material to use behind a wood burning stove. These panels help create more of a focal point for a room. The NASD explains that any area within 36 inches of the stove in all directions should be covered. via

    Does a hearth have to be raised?

    The perimeter of the hearth should be clearly defined by either using a raised edge or by raising the level of the hearth in relation to the floor. A freestanding stove which is not in a recess should have a hearth at least 840 x 840mm. via

    What color should the hearth be?

    For a modern color scheme, use a sleek black paint for your fireplace. Brown, tan, sand and gray are other neutral shade options for your hearth that will coordinate with any room design. via

    Does a pellet stove need a hearth pad?

    Yes, all pellet stoves require a non-combustible floor protector (such as a hearth pad) on floors that have combustible material on them, such as wood, carpet, or vinyl. The floor protector should extend beneath the appliance and to the front, sides, and rear as indicated in the owner's manual. via

    What do you put under a pellet stove?

    To prevent fire, pellet stoves must be installed on a noncombustible surface, typically called a hearth pad. This is typically made of a masonry material, beneath which is a cement backer board. Hearth pads serve an important function, but they don't have to be bland. via

    Is it safe to put a rug under a stove?

    Yes you can put a rug or carpet underneath a stove with no worrys. via

    How do you childproof a fireplace hearth?

    A flat hearth is easy to baby proof. Simply purchase a soft mat to cover it. The mat will provide a soft and safe area to land should your child trip and fall. Just don't forget to remove the mat when the fireplace is in use as it poses a serious fire hazard. via

    Is it safe to cover fireplace?

    In addition to preventing animals and water from entering your chimney, a cap or cover can also reduce downdrafts and make your fireplace more efficient. via

    How do you make a fireplace safe?

  • #1 Examine the Firebox. Look for any cracks, gaps, or signs of wear in the lining of the firebox (the interior of the fireplace).
  • #2 Look for Telltale Smoke Stains.
  • #3 Make Sure Your Grate Is the Right Size.
  • #4 Check the Chimney.
  • #5 Double-Check Your Fire Extinguisher.
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    Can you sit on a floating hearth?

    Floating hearths sit underneath the fireplace and “float” above the ground with empty space below. They are perfect for homeowners who want a modern look. Even if you have little to no space in your house, we can still outfit your fireplaces with a new hearth. via

    How do you measure a hearth?

    To determine the finished size of your hearth extension, measure from the framed firebox outward, then take into account the width or size of the surround; the hearth should match the surround for a visually pleasing effect. via

    How high should I build my fireplace?

    Generally, this will put the bottom of a linear fireplace 12 to 30 inches off the floor. However, if the fireplace is going to be next to a dining area, we suggest that the bottom of the fireplace be 36 inches off the floor, so that the chair backs don't hide the flames. via

    Can you tile a hearth?

    Adding tile to an existing hearth will invariably raise its level above the existing floor. You can install square trim as shown above or apply eased edging with coped trim. Curved molding allows for a less abrupt transition between the floor and hearth and is easier to keep clean. via

    What type of tile is best for fireplace hearth?

    When it comes to tiling a fireplace hearth, choosing a glazed porcelain tile makes the best choice because they are denser and more durable that non-glazed or non-porcelaln tiles. via

    Do I need heat resistant tile adhesive?

    It is recommended to tile 14cm away from the heat source. All the BAL adhesives can withstand temperatures of 150-200⁰C but we'd recommend fixing your tiles with the Palace Heat Resistant Adhesive, and then grouting with the BAL Micromax2 as this grout can withstand temperatures up to 100⁰C. via

    Do you need a hearth in front of gas fireplace?

    Most modern gas only fireplaces with fixed glass do not require a hearth extension. The manufacturers usually require a 36" clear space in front (no furniture, etc.). via

    Can you put a pellet stove on laminate flooring?

    No. Stove should be sitting on a "non-combustible material"... laminate and vinyl, both "combustible". Put it on a piece of sheet metal, or glass, or stone, of concrete, or even some type of prefab hearth thingy. via

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