How To Become A Lineman Groundman


How much do Groundman make?

Salary Ranges for Groundman/Linemen

The salaries of Groundman/Linemen in the US range from $36,000 to $95,990 , with a median salary of $66,450 . The middle 60% of Groundman/Linemen makes $66,450, with the top 80% making $95,990. via

How long does it take to go from Groundman to lineman?

After six months of being a groundman, you can apply to be an apprentice lineman. is available to current SCE groundmen only. Upon completion, the apprentice lineman is promoted to a journeyman lineman. via

How long does it take to become a groundsman?

Linemen often operate bucket trucks,so they will need commercial driver's licenses. Some companies require individuals to undergo a four-year apprenticeship or accumulate 144-hour classroom hours followed by 2,000 hours of on-the-job training. Each state requires candidates to pass a specific licensing exam. via

How do I become a groundsman?

  • Apprenticeship in a related subject.
  • Level 2 Certificate/Diploma in Sports and Amenity Turf Maintenance.
  • Level 2 and 3 Award/Certificate in Practical Horticulture Skills.
  • Level 2 and 3 Certificate/Diploma in Horticulture.
  • via

    How much does a Groundman make at Edison?

    How much does a Groundman at Southern California Edison make? The typical Southern California Edison Groundman salary is $34 per hour. Groundman salaries at Southern California Edison can range from $20 - $41 per hour. via

    How much does a Groundman make at Pike?

    How much does a Groundman at Pike Corporation make? The typical Pike Corporation Groundman salary is $16 per hour. Groundman salaries at Pike Corporation can range from $13 - $28 per hour. via

    Are lineman jobs in demand?

    Labor stats indicate the demand for linemen is expected to grow by 9 percent through 2022. At the same time, adding to the ranks of linemen offers the promise of jobs in rural America. “There's a need in the field,” Edwards said. “And this career choice hasn't been emphasized to an entire generation of young people. via

    Is a Groundman a good job?

    Groundman/Groundwoman Pathway

    A great start and a great job with an overwhelming sense of service. This is an entry-level position. Their main function is to assist with building, maintaining and repairing the electrical system. It is the prerequisite to moving on to a Journeyman level position. via

    How many hours does a lineman work?

    The standard work week for lineworkers is 40 hours (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). As with many careers in construction, there are peak periods that will require you to work overtime. via

    Is it hard to become a Groundman?

    To become a groundsman, you need a high-school diploma and extensive on-the-job experience. Some groundsmen take apprenticeship programs to hone their skills and build up experience. Between 2018 and 2028, the career is expected to grow 4% and produce 10,700 job opportunities across the U.S. via

    Do linemen make good money?

    An electrical lineman's median annual income was $69,380 in May 2017, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics; half made more, and half made less money. The bottom 10 percent of electrical linemen made under $37,600, while the top 10 percent earned very generous wages over $99,860. via

    What is a Groundman?

    a : one who digs holes and raises poles for electric power or telephone lines and lifts equipment and tools to linemen. b : one who assists with the erection of oil-well drilling rigs or power lines, the driving of piles, or the construction or wrecking of buildings. via

    What does a groundsman do?

    Groundsmen or greenkeepers are professionals who take responsibility for the maintenance of materials and equipment. They make certain to provide enough stock of consumables. Part of their responsibilities is to make sure that the grounds, flowers, lawns, and shrubs are kept from plant diseases and harmful insects. via

    Is a lineman a trade?

    Becoming a Power Lineman. This web site will attempt to explain to you what the Lineman trade is all about and how you can earn your way to a satisfying future in the electrical trade. As a journeyman lineman you'll build, maintain and repair the power lines that carry electricity to homes and businesses. via

    How much does a lineman make at Edison?

    Southern California Edison Linemen earn $30,000 annually, or $14 per hour, which is 38% lower than the national average for all Linemen at $44,000 annually and 75% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans. via

    How much money do lineman make in California?

    How much does a Lineman make in California? The average Lineman salary in California is $90,525 as of August 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $84,505 and $92,778. via

    Is Pike Electric a good company to work for?

    Great company to work for!

    Honestly I have worked at pike for 2 years and have no cons. I would say in general the only con to any contractor job is that work slows down from time to time and sometimes you don't get to work as much as you would like but that's a great problem to have if that's your only problem! via

    What is a Class B lineman?

    Position Summary: The Class B Lineman is a semi-skilled position in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical overhead distribution systems. Frequently works with energized high voltage systems requiring skill and care to protect the lives of themselves and others. via

    Is lineman a hard job?

    This is a very hard and demanding role that you take on. When you first start in the career process, you will need to be physically and mentally fit. There is a lot of training, a lot of knowledge that needs to be retained, as you will be tested annually on it and your life depends on it. via

    Is being a lineman stressful?

    Being a journeyman lineman is a very demanding job, and it is among the more dangerous jobs out there with their work demands and long hours under stressful conditions. via

    Is it worth going to lineman school?

    For anyone who says lineman school isn't worth it, all is set to their opinion, but think from a company stand point... a company would rather hire a graduate that shows THEY paid money to learn and shows their dedication. You will make so much money fast that paying school off is a breeze. via

    What is a union Groundman?

    All the outside Local Unions have out-of-work books to sign to go to work as a groundman which is similar to a laborer. When your name comes up on the books and you are called to go to work, you join the union as a groundman. via

    What are the duties of a lineman?

    Classification Responsibilities: A Lineman performs highly skilled, journey-level transmission, distribution, and electrical work in the installation, construction, maintenance, and repair of underground and overhead electric transmission, distribution and service lines, transformers, meters, metering equipment, via

    Is a lineman a good career?

    As a lineman, you'll be sky-high for hours every day, but if you are someone who enjoys scenic views at work, this might be the job for you. Lineman work is recognized within the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S., with more than 19 workers in every 100,000 killed on the job every year. via

    Do linemen travel alot?

    He travels around the country from job to job. Line work is not only dangerous, but in a traveling job, there is a greater risk of a vehicle accident. “Also, when the linemen work in big cities, they run the risk of being shot, like in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina,” Paula said. via

    Do linemen work in the rain?

    Do linemen work in the rain? Linemen can be called into work at almost any time and in almost any weather conditions because emergency repairs to electrical power lines are sometimes required immediately in order to avert a possible fire or electrical surge. via

    How many hours do you work as a Groundman?

    Ranges from 25 to 50 hours a week. via

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