How To Add Songs To Touchtunes Jukebox


How do you upload music to TouchTunes?

As always, TouchTunes Operators are able to submit music requests through Tempo > Music > Requests at via

Why are some songs not on TouchTunes?

This may be due to licensing restrictions, filtering of songs by your location, or technical reasons. In addition, these reasons could cause only certain songs by an artist or an album to be available. Sometimes this is temporary but we are always working to make more music available to you. via

Can you hack a TouchTunes jukebox?

Introducing MyTouchTunes, a website that gives you the power to program the night's playlist before stepping foot in the bar. Basically, the site gives you the ability to hack into every one of the nearly 300 TouchTunes Internet-enabled jukeboxes scattered throughout the city. via

How do you get free songs on TouchTunes jukebox?

Each week you will earn free jukebox credits based on the number of unique check-ins at your location through our mobile app (for iOS and Android). Bar Rewards is a free program exclusively for management and staff at TouchTunes venues. via

Can you play your own music on TouchTunes?

Yes! If you're interested in adding your music to TouchTunes, please contact us. Opting in will also automatically send your music to PlayNetwork. To find out if you've been added to TouchTunes, you can use the TouchTunes app to search for your music on a jukebox. via

Can you request songs to be added to TouchTunes?

If you are unable to find a certain song or album after using the Music > Favorites > Search Music > Catalog section, you can send a request to TouchTunes to add it! via

How do you play music on TouchTunes?

  • Download the app.
  • Check-in to a nearby jukebox.
  • Create an account.
  • Search for a song.
  • Select a song and purchase jukebox credits.
  • View all 6 questions in PLAYING YOUR FIRST SONG →
  • via

    How do I play Spotify on TouchTunes?

    Use the "Connect Spotify" button on the bottom of your homescreen to import playlists. via

    What does it mean when a song is filtered on TouchTunes?

    What does filtered mean on TouchTunes? A filter set contains various “rules” telling the jukebox what to do. You can block 1 or more songs, artists, albums, genres or styles, and you can also allow songs, artist or albums to come through a blocked genre or style. via

    Do bars make money on TouchTunes?

    And since TouchTunes is more expensive than a regular jukebox–and its option to pay more to play a song next is an attractive impulse buy for a drunk person–the bars usually end up making more money. Whether it's 45s or CDs, a jukebox with a limited selection of songs reflects a bar's personality. via

    How can I get free TouchTunes?

  • In the Profile tab, Tap "Refer Your Friends"
  • Choose how you'd like to invite your friends: SMS, Email, or Facebook.
  • Send invitations to friends through SMS, email, or post to your Facebook wall.
  • via

    Who owns TouchTunes?

    April 3, 2015 by Dave Haynes. One of the larger digital OOH networks on the planet, Montreal's TouchTunes Interactive Networks, has been acquired by a private investment firm, Searchlight Capital. via

    How do you skip songs on TouchTunes?

    P3/Skip Skip song: Quickly press and release this button to stop playing the current song and immediately skip forward to the next song in the queue. The skip song feature is enabled/disabled on the System Settings screen. Flush play queue: Press and hold this button for four seconds to flush the entire play queue. via

    How do I get touch tunes in my bar?

    Sign into Bar Connect at using your TouchTunes ID or Facebook login. Press the P2 button on the jukebox remote, creating a dialogue window on the jukebox screen. On the jukebox screen, press “Get Registration Code”. Enter the code that appears on the jukebox into Bar Connect on your phone and hit Submit. via

    How do I check in on TouchTunes?


    Go to • Login with your TouchTunes Username and Password. (If you log in to the TouchTunes app using Facebook, use your Facebook username and password. If you don't have a TouchTunes username and password, download the TouchTunes mobile app and create one.) via

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