How Much Is An Original Atari Worth


Are old Atari systems worth anything?

An Atari 2600 can sell for $25 to $50, and more if you have games; while Atari Home Pong can be worth $15 to $30 (and up to $100 or more if it's still in the box). Magnavox Odyssey models sell for $25 to $50, and Intellivision can get $15 to $30 without games. via

What are the rarest Atari 2600 games?

13 Extremely Rare Atari 2600 Games All Collectors Want

  • 8 Extra Terrestrials (1983)
  • 7 Birthday Mania (1984)
  • 6 Gamma-Attack (1983)
  • 5 Superman (1979)
  • 4 Karate (1982)
  • 3 Gauntlet (1983)
  • 2 Pepsi Invaders (1983)
  • 1 E.T. (1982)
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    What Atari game is worth the most money?

    The 10 Most Expensive Atari Games of All Time

  • Eli's Ladder – Price: $1600 (New)
  • Star Wars Ewok Adventure Prototype – Price: $1680.
  • Malagai – Price: $2150.
  • Condor Attack – Price: $2950 (New)
  • Pepsi Invaders – Price: $3500 (New)
  • The Music Machine – Price: $5,250.
  • Red Sea Crossing – Price: $10,400.
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    What is the rarest console?

    In 2018, Square Enix and Microsoft collaborated to release a truly one-of-a-kind custom Xbox One X console based on the new (at the time) game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, making it the rarest Xbox console ever. The ultra-exclusive Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X was put up for charity auction on Ebay. via

    What old video games are worth money?

  • 25 Wrecking Crew ($650)
  • 26 The Adventures Of Batman & Robin ($550)
  • 27 Luigi's Mansion ($500)
  • 28 Virtual Bowling ($400)
  • 29 Primal Rage ($349)
  • 30 E.T.
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    What Atari game is worth $10000?

    Goodwill finds $10,000 Atari Air Raid game

    The game was produced by Men-A-Vision in 1982 and playable on the Atari 2600 system. This particular game cartridge was especially rare because of its T-shaped design and blue coloring. Only 13 copies are known to exist, according to Goodwill. via

    What is a Atari 2600 worth?

    If you have a Four Switch Woodgrain console, an Atari 2600 Jr, or a “Darth Vader”, they're worth approximately 30-50 dollars. A Heavy Sixer is probably worth upwards of 60, whereas a Light Sixer will be about $40-$50. via

    What Nintendo games are worth money?

    These 21 Rare Nintendo Games Are Worth A Fortune

  • Little Samson (NES)
  • Ducktales 2 (NES)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters (NES)
  • Mega Man 5 (NES)
  • Stadium Events (NES)
  • This is a $27,000 NES game.
  • The collectible cart made an appearance on Pawn Stars.
  • The ultimate NES tournament cartridge.
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    Is Atari 2600 Good?

    The Atari 2600 may be seriously dated by today's standards, but, surprisingly enough, some of its best games are as enjoyable as they were in the 80s. Released all the way back in 1977, the Atari 2600, also commonly referred to as the Atari VCS, ignited a video gaming revolution. via

    How much did Atari games cost in 1977?

    That works out to about $412 in today's dollars. One of the next major releases was the Atari 2600 in 1977. That system would have cost you about $199 in 1977, which works out to $753.79 in today's dollars. Certainly not a cheap system. via

    Is a PS1 worth buying?

    A used PS1 is worth between $36.00 – $720.00 depending on condition and if the console ships as part of a bundle. The mighty PS1 remains one of the biggest behemoths of the gaming world. This console sold over 102 million units over its lifetime, which means that there are a lot of them out and about on the internet. via

    What is the cheapest console?

    According to the Bureau's inflation calculator, the most affordable console all of time is the Nintendo GameCube, released for $199 in 2001, translating to $290 in 2020. The third, fourth, and fifth spots are filled by the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Wii, respectively. via

    What's the rarest video game?

    1. "Gamma Attack" (Atari 2600): $20,000-$50,000. This Atari 2600 game is arguably the rarest video game available. Only one cartridge was produced by gaming company Gammation, and it currently is owned by collector Anthony DeNardo, according to RacketBoy. via

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