How Much Does Davita Pay


How much do pct at DaVita make?

Average DaVita Patient Care Technician hourly pay in California is approximately $17.28, which is 9% above the national average. via

Does DaVita pay weekly?

You are paid bi-weekly. Employees are paid bi-weekly. via

Is it hard to get hired at DaVita?

The DaVita Hiring Process. DaVita has a straightforward and easy hiring process for applicants who desire to practice their career in the company. via

Does DaVita provide Scrubs?

Many colors, they provide 3 set of scrubs per year, could be, gree, blue, pink, yellow, orange. Yes if you work in the clinics you are alloted 3 sets of scrubs a year you also have the option to buy them thru payroll. via

Who pays more Fresenius vs DaVita?

DaVita has 7,569 more total submitted salaries than Fresenius Medical Care. via

Do PCT make more than CNA?

CNA Salary and Career Outlook. While patient care technicians typically earn more money than certified nursing assistants due to their additional training and increased job responsibilities, both careers can offer good salaries and employment opportunities. via

Is dialysis tech a good job?

For many people, working as a dialysis tech is a great career. It gives them a stable job in the medical field, providing valuable life-sustaining services to people in need. via

What benefits does DaVita offer?

More than just pay or benefits, DaVita Rewards connects teammates to what matters most: health care coverage, retirement planning and savings tools, opportunities for career development and wellbeing resources. We all have unique goals and priorities in life. via

What are the shifts at DaVita?

There are no set shifts. We start between 7:30-8:00 and work until last scheduled patient for the day is finished. via

How long is the training at DaVita?

Your 9-10 weeks of training will include a combination of classroom and hands-on learning, through DaVita's award-winning training programs. Training may take place in a facility or a training clinic with a class of new teammates other than your assigned home clinic. via

How often do you get paid at DaVita?

Does DaVita pay weekly or biweekly? No, DaVita employees usually get paid every two weeks (biweekly). via

Does DaVita do random drug tests?

They do a urine test. I had mine last week. You pick from various locations. Once you pick the location they give you a pass... via

Does DaVita give overtime?

Overtime Pay: DaVita has increased its overtime pay for its frontline teammates who are working more than 40 hours in a week, in recognition of the commitment teammates are demonstrating to their patients by working extra hours. via

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