How Do You Open A Swingline Stapler


How do you open an old Swingline stapler? (video)

How do you open a Swingline heavy duty stapler? (video)

How do you unfold a stapler?

To open these, grip the base of the stapler, then pull the top of the stapler until it lifts open and the staple tray is revealed. Back load staplers usually have a button on the back, so to open these, push the button until the stapler tray pops out slightly. via

How do you fix a stapler that won't staple?

If unable to shake the jammed staple out, try to staple a single sheet of paper while the unit is jammed. This could possibly force the jam outward, clearing the unit. If this does not work, try using any sizable tool or nearby accessory, try to fish out the jammed staple through the "front teeth" of the stapler. via

Why is my Swingline stapler not working?

A manual Swingline stapler that jams on a regular basis is most likely using the wrong staples. Take out any staples that are jammed into the Swingline stapler by twisting them as you pull with a pair of needle nose pliers. Reassemble any other parts that were removed from the stapler. via

How do you unlock a stapler?

Hold the top of the stapler magazine with two fingers and slowly, while maintaining firm pressure, start pulling the lid apart from the part of the magazine that holds the staple. Be careful not to do this too quickly, or the lid might again fly open, spraying the staples all over your office or desk. via

How do you fill a large stapler? (video)

How do you open a Swingline stapler with 2 70 sheets? (video)

What are the two settings on a stapler for?

The common office stapler has two settings to provide the user a choice of whether to firmly bind papers together using the “reflexive” or staple setting, where the legs of the staple curve under for a firm hold, or to temporarily bind them with the milder “pinning” setting, which makes it easier to remove the staple via

What is the button on the bottom of a stapler for?

Well it actually serves a purpose. This way of stapling is called pinning. From a wikipedia article, Pinning is used to temporarily bind documents or other items, often cloth or clothing, for sewing. via

How do you use a stapler step by step? (video)

How do you put the spring back on a stapler? (video)

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